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Mitchell Gymnastics Class Descriptions

Mitchell Gymnastics Club offers fun filled programs geared to teach children the fundamentals and advanced skills of gymnastics while providing a child friendly atmosphere. There is no fundraising required as we are family owned business and strive to keep our fees and family commitment time to a minimum. Jen Daum – Owner and Head Coach, An NCCP Certified Gymnastics Coach, Certified Personal Trainer with a Fitness & Health Diploma and has run this successful gymnastics program since 2003 in Mitchell in her own facility.

Parents & Tots (1-3 years old)

Parents interact with their children on each piece of equipment one to one while learning very basic gymnastics techniques as well as social interaction. Classes are 45 minutes long.

Kinder Gym (3-4 years old)

Learn basic gymnastics techniques on each piece of gymnastic equipment on a smaller scale as well as gymnastic games for stretching and flexibility. Classes are 45 minutes long.

Beginner (5-6 years old)

Are slightly more advanced and start to learn connecting moves on each piece of equipment with more time taken on technique and form. Flexibility, and stretching warm up games as well. These classes are 1 hour.

Junior (7-9 years old)

Children start more in-depth practice of the gymnastics techniques as well as keeping track of their accomplishments and goals. Classes are 1 hour in length with the option of a second night.

Intermediate (10-12 years old)

This class is geared to both experienced and new gymnasts learning the correct gymnastics techniques and done in the main gym. These classes are 1 hour in length with the option of a second night.

Seniors (13-16 years old)

This class is held in the main gym with both new and experienced gymnasts practicing the correct procedure and learning actual routines on each piece of equipment. This class is 1 hour in length with the option of an additional 1 hour per week second night.

Junior & Senior Advanced (programs for experienced gymnasts)

These classes are for our more advanced experienced gymnasts that have been taking gymnastics with us for more than 3-4 years and are chosen for these classes by the coaching staff according to their ability. These classes concentrate on the more advanced moves and routines. These classes are 1 1/2 hours per with the option of an additional 1 hour per week second night.

Fee Breakdown

Parents & Tots $110 session

Kinder Gym $210 session

Beginner $250 session

Junior to Intermediate 1 hour class $260 session

Gym Team $270 session

Extra Night $180 session

Summer Camp $130 FOR THE WEEK -  1/2 A DAY FOR WEEK 4-6 YR OLD IN AM AND 7-13+ YR OLDS IN PM

Mini Session Kinder Gym $125 session

Mini Session Beginner to Senior $130 session


Family Discount: 2+ Children $10/child per session for all classes (DOES NOT APPLY TO SUMMER CAMP FEES)

Double Session: if prepaid for second session - $25 credit to each child off their second session payment - must be received with first payment

Family Discount: if 2 children taking classes $10.00 discount per child per session if child is doing both sessions

All fees include HST

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Classes - days and times 

Club Rules & Regulations

Class Management

Come into class dressed and ready to go.  If you need to change when you get here, please do so. 

Please come to class ready to listen - 3 warnings and you will receive a time out.

You may bring your own water with you - we will allow you time to stop and have a drink throughout the class.  There is also water supplied.

Gym Dress

MANDATORY- Hair must be tied back away from the face, otherwise you will not be allowed to participate due to insurance policy.

No loose fitting clothing, jeans, belts, snaps, straps or suspenders are allowed

No jewelry or watches, jeans are not allowed

Gym Space

The following areas are out of bounds for EVERYONE:


2 Storage Rooms


Out of Bounds for Parents and Other Siblings

Front Desk

Gym Area and All Equipment (for gymnasts only due to insurance policy)

Please do not try to watch your child as it distracts the whole class and is very dangerous for all gymnasts.  Parents viewing nights are held throughout the year. 



Program Details Dance


Dance Parents,

It is with great sadness that we are writing this email. We have been struggling over the last couple of years with declining registration numbers while continuing to run the dance program here in Mitchell. We have 2 great dance instructors that we are pleased to have worked with for these past years, and a nice venue to hold classes, however, due to the cost of running this program and trying to keep the registration costs reasonable we are still not able to make this a viable program. We have lost money the last couple of years, and we understand the cost of doing business, however, it is not something that we want to continue to do.

We have decided to cancel the dance program as of the end of this year. We will not be holding registration this year at the end of the yearend show and wanted to give you this advance notice so you can register your dancers in another program in another centre. This is not something we have decided lightly - we have been stressing over this for a while now. We love having this program in town and appreciate the loyal dancers that have been with us.

We will be doing our yearend show this year as usual in conjunction with the gymnastics show on the Saturday, and then we will close the doors on our dance program. Our gymnastics program will continue to run as it always has and we welcome any dancers who would like to join our gymnastics program to please do so.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and dancers for their past support and to wish them all the best in their future dance adventures.

A very special thank you to Madi Sorsdahl who joined us this last couple of years and has been a great addition and instructor for our dancers, and to Allison Sykes who has been dancing with us from the start, for her assistance as our assistant dance instructor. Both these girls have instructed your children with grace and we thank them for their valued leadership and instruction.

If anyone wants to chat with me you are welcome to do so.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish everyone the best in the future,  Michelle and Jen



Club Wear

Tee Shirts & Wind Suits Available

Windsuits are navy blue in colour with white embroidery. Both youth and adult sizes are available. The order takes about 3 weeks and is ordered directly through Royal Plaza Workwear on Huron Road Mitchell. These are supplied for your enjoyment and convenience and the club does not receive any renumeration on any orders.


DOWNLOAD Club Wear Order Forms

Gymnastics Windsuit and/or Mitchell School of Dance Order Form


Contact Info

Telephone:       519-348-0244


Address:          214 Copper Street, Mitchell, Ontario (214 Georgina St. if using a GPS)  

Club Hours:      Monday - Thursday: 5pm-8:30pm

                       Saturday: 9am-12:30pm

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